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  • Visit Elmina Beach
  • We Have Everything You Need
  • Lets Warm Up Together
  • Horse Riding in Beach Resort
  • African Village
  • Miners Lodge
  • Delicious Meals At Bridge House
1 2 3 Visit Elmina Beach4 We Have Everything You Need 5 Lets Warm Up Together6 Horse Riding in Beach Resort7 African Village8 Miners Lodge 9 Delicious Meals At Bridge House10

Welcome to Coconut Grove Hotels


Warm smiles and friendly service is our hallmark. Coconut Grove Hotels in Ghana offers for an impeccable vacation for anyone and everyone whether you prefer a beach or city.
Historical site or country side, there’s a Coconut Grove Hotel waiting to show you the time of your life.
Enjoy a memorable stay in our Hotels that offers you a stylish yet relaxing haven where business travelers can escape the city’s hectic pace.
Enjoy world class service and truly Ghanaian hospitality with Coconut Grove Hotels in Ghana

Healthy Menus

See our delicious menu. Each hotel will be having a selected menu but we are happy to share with you, some of the dishes that you may find for yourself and your family at our various hotels.


We’re in the business of exceeding expectations. We give you exactly what you want

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Our video is made up of the beautiful combination of our various hotels.

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