Beach Resort 20

Beaches where the ocean meets land


Aerial View-landscape & Atlantic Ocean


Signature Cocktails


Destination weddings by the Ocean


Poolside lounging, bask in the sun


great personalities choice for rest & relaxation

Coconut Grove Beach Resort has become an important land mark in Elmina, in the town that has the historic world heritage Elmina Castle & St Jago Fort. It has become the hotel of choice for rest and relaxation by personalities such as the Crown Prince of Holland, the Secretary General of the U.N., Will Smith, ministers of states from the neighboring countries, heads of missions and other distinguished guests.


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Live,Laugh & Golf with us

Enjoy our 18 hole golf course at the Beach Resort. Golfers of all levels of ability are welcome to join. We tailor golf lessons for beginners and offer membership to the golfing enthusiast.

Plan your Conferences with us

The Beach Resort offers the perfect location and venue for conferences, product launches, business meetings and banquets. Our meeting rooms seat up to 300 guests with spacious and sophisticated surroundings and state of the art conference support services.

we'll bring your dream wedding day to life!

From our exceptional oceanfront setting to superb catering and upscale service, we’ll bring your dream wedding day to life! Our grounds can seat up to 400 guests for an ocean facing wedding ceremony or blessing.

Excellent recreation & leisure facilities

The Beach Resort offers an excellent range of recreation and leisure facilities. This includes a spectacular outdoor swimming pool with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, a well-equipped gym, clay tennis courts, and basketball courts for your fitness and relaxation. 

Explore our mini animal sanctuary

Take a random walk and explore our mini animal sanctuary. Meet some of the most interesting animals as they grace the Beach Resort with their presence – Horses, crocodiles and donkeys – to name just a few!

unforgettable horse riding experience

We offer you an unforgettable horseback riding experience along the beach. We provide horse riding lessons and guarantee your memories will be worth repeating.